EC21 S.A. offers the following services:

Wealth Management

Tailor-made discretionary portfolio management

We offer a tailor-made discretionary portfolio management with the following key elements:

  • 100% tailor-made according to the specific needs, goals and preferences of each individual customer (client specifications, tax constraints, etc.)
  • Access to the entire investment universe → possibility of direct and single-line investments in asset classes such as equities and bonds
  • Use of internal and third-party funds → best-in-class approach, fully open architecture principle
  • Transparent fee structure (all-in fee model, fund retrocessions being paid back to clients, etc.)
  • Pro-active investment decisions
  • Robust portfolio construction and dynamic tactical asset allocation
  • Dedicated portfolio manager in close contact with the client
  • Strong Risk Management

Investment approach – Philosophy

Our investment philosophy has the following attributes

  • Capital preservation as a top priority Wealth Protection
  • Process based on conviction No benchmark investing
  • Fully open architecture principle Independence is key
  • Being opportunistic when deemed necessary Attractive investment opportunities, relative value, thematic ideas, etc.
  • Transparency & proximity Regular communication

Family Office Services

Consolidated Reporting

Thanks to our advanced technology, we provide families with a consolidated reporting and analysis of their total assets including cost. The consolidated reporting includes different bank accounts as well as non-bank assets such as real estate, private equity, participations and investments in art, etc.

National and International Tax advisory

We take care of asset transfer between generations as well as fiscal planning for individuals and legal entities on a national and international level.

Corporate Advisory

We take over incorporation and administration of legal entities as well as accounting, taxes and business development.


We plan and coordinate the relocation both for companies and individuals including logistics, administrative matters and settling in.

Platform for independent Wealth Managers

We provide a MiFID II compliant portfolio management platform for Independent Wealth Managers, offering compliance, risk management, back and middle office services, including a Portfolio Management System for order transmission and the creation of tailor-made client presentations.

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